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May 9 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

May 10 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

May 11 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

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The Leading Materials Handling Exhibition for Industry and Distribution in Midwest China

Intralogistics China 2019 ProfileSupported by the rapid economic growth of Midwest China, Intralogistics China 2018 will take place from May 9-11 at Wuhan International Expo Center,Wuhan,China. More than 600 exhibitors from around the world will showcase their services and innovative products. About 20,000 professional visitors from manufacturing industry like auto, electronic, food and beverage, tobacco medicine, household appliance ect.and e-commerce, logistics park and other logistics equipment application industry, will attend the event. Providing an overview of the main themes in the sector, the intralogistics trade fair will cover everything from procurement, through production, to delivery. Intralogistics China 2018 will highlight trends such as Smart Logistics, Logistics Advanced Manufacturing, the Internet of Things and Logistics 4.0, which will lead to optimisation and cost-reduction of the logistics processes.
With the initiative “Made in China 2025”, the world’s third largest economy is moving quickly to modernize its industry and infrastructure, China will usher in the era of smart logistics. It drives demand in China for cutting-edge products and technologies, especially in areas like robotics and complete solutions. Apart from production and manufacture, the focus will be on ecommerce and the online retail sector. This transformation of China’s industry also creates many opportunities in China for materials handling and logistics companies.
Chongqing is the manufacturing and international commerce & trade center in Midwest China. Join us in Intralogistics China, we will take you into China's interior market and help you get more target consumers. Contact us today and we look forward to seeing you in Wuhan!

Show time: May 9-11, 2019
Show venue: Wuhan International Expo Center
More than 20 technical forums;
More than 200 industry media;
More than 300 exhibitors from China and 25 countries;
More than 20,000 professional visitors;
Nearly 40,000 square meters exhibition area

Who will visit the show: 1. Manufacturing industry like Automobile, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Tobacco, Fharmaceutical and medical, Aerospace, Household Appliances, Clothing, Chemica,Papermaking, Printing and Packaging, Metallurgical and other industrial manufacturing enterprises;
2. Third party logistics, Supermarkets, Wholesale markets, Logistics park, Commercial distribution center, Large bookstores, Publishing printing, Grain, The army logistics agency, etc.;
Co-organized by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association, China Association of Warehousing and Distribution (CAWD) and WATSON Exhibition